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Hypnosis is more mainstream than many people think. In 1958 the American Medical Association approved the use of hypnosis and it is being taught in all the major medical schools. Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of relaxed concentration. It is complete physical and mental relaxation where we can communicate suggestions to our subconscious mind. We all enter hypnosis everyday. Have you ever been driving your car and realized you don't recall passing the last two exits? Have you ever just stared into a fire and been a "million miles away"? Both of these are examples of hypnosis.

Why would one go into this state? There are too many reasons to list but the most popular uses are behavior modification and assisting medical professionals with speeding up treatment or making a condition easier to cope with. Examples of behavior modification include smoking cessation, healthy eating habits, reducing stress, insomnia, anxiety and procrastination, increasing motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem and goal achievement. The possibilities are endless. Some of the medical conditions that can be assisted are increase fertility, pain management, reducing endometriosis, morning sickness, and on and on.

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